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Jack Coleman signs on for 'Heroes: Reborn'

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That is what Jack Coleman's enigmatic 'H.R.G.' said in the first season of NBC's Heroes, where his cheerleader Claire was the key to saving New York -- and the world -- from nuclear disaster.

Now, confirms Coleman will reprise his role in Heroes: Reborn, the 12-part limited series reboot set to air on NBC sometime next year.

The real name of H.R.G -- 'Horn-Rimmed Glasses' -- is Noah Bennet, a husband and father whose job at the Primatech Paper is an actual cover for his real job: covert agent for the 'Company', a shadowy organization whose purpose is tracking down normal people with paranormal powers such as Noah's adopted daughter Claire (invulnerability) and her biological father, politician Nathan Petrelli (flight).

Over the course of Heroes' four seasons -- and five chapters --, Noah walked a very fine line between hero and anti-hero, yet the character admitted that he has always been very comfortable being 'morally gray'.

After Heroes, Coleman has had recurring roles on The Vampire Diaries, Castle, and Burn Notice.

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