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Jack Cashill: Trayvon Martin "would be knock-out king"

Jack Cashill
Jack Cashill

WorldNetDaily's Jack Cashill just can't get enough of attacking people who are dead and unable to respond to him.

Cashill had previously come to this column's attention for trying to compare George Zimmerman, the man who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin when he was unarmed and returning to his own home, to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.

Now he insists that Trayvon Martin was playing the knock-out game and that the media was conspiring against Zimmerman even before he had shot Martin.

"In sum, Martin saw Zimmerman not as the hulking vigilante the media did but as a vulnerable, possibly gay white man nearly half-a-foot smaller than he," Cashill insists.

Back in that pesky little thing called reality, we already know for a fact from Martin's phone records that his opinion of Zimmerman was that he was a creepy stalker. But of course, facts are forbidden at WorldNetDaily.

Cashill even cites FBI reports that there are "three times as many anti-black hate crimes as anti-white ones" as proof that the Justice Department is conspiring against white people and ignoring black-on-white violence.

"If nothing else, Holder's perverse enforcement of the law shows just how absurd these laws are in the first place," he insists. "What they punish is thought, not action, and in the Orwellian world of the DOJ thought is punished with wildly 'disparate' selectivity."

Ironic, given that this is not much different from what Jack Cashill frequently attempts to do to Trayvon Martin: Insisting that he deserved to die because of what he might have been while excusing George Zimmerman for what he demonstrably is.

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