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Jack Benny takes over TCM this Saturday night

Johnny Carson as a guest on Jack Benny's television program, 1955.
Wikimedia Commons/We Hope

This Saturday, June 24, TCM will be airing a three movie marathon of actor and comedian Jack Benny. This event is starting at 8 pm EST on TCM. So if you like comedies, especially funny classic movies, then you will want to keep this marathon in mind. Also if you've never seen a Jack Benny movie, well this Saturday night is a good time to do that then!

The three movies that will be airing are the following:

Ernst Lubitsch directed this bold screwball comedy that starred Robert Stack, Carole Lombard, and Sig Ruman with Jack Benny. The movie is about a troupe of actors that join the Polish underground to fight against the invading Nazis. If you can't watch them all, at last get this one, it's one of Benny's best movies, and it will be airing at 8 p.m.

Mitchell Leisen directed Jack Benny, Ray Milland, George Burns, and Gracie Allen in this comedy about a failing radio station that needs to get its ratings up, and do a good broadcast, or it will be terminated soon. The movie will be airing at 10 p.m

"College Radio," is the last movie that will airing tonight, it will be airing at 12 a.m. Frank Tuttle directed the movie, and once again Allen and Burns starred with Benny in this 1936 comedy. Mary Boland and Marsha Hunt also starred with the three of them. The movie is about a owner of a bankrupt that invites a group of men to spend the summer.

So once again Jack Benny fans this airs on TCM this Saturday, June 28, it starts at 8 p.m. and the last movie airs at midnight. Sent your DVRs or stay in that night, and enjoy some classic comedy.

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