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Jack Benny offers communication advise

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When asked to share one of the most frustrating things about the culture of an employee’s workplace the topic of communication is almost always one of the first to surface. Lack of communication, miscommunication and improper communication have reached epidemic proportions in the average workplace.

Jack Benny offers communication advise.
Jack Benny offers communication advise.
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Comedian Jack Benny was a master of communication. As with any standup comic or comedic actor Benny knew the many features of communication that he would have to master. He would need to understand body language of his audience, how they would interpret his words, what words should come in first in which should come in last, how the audience would read his body language and how much time it would take for the audience to process what he had said.

“It is not so much knowing when to speak,” Benny once said, “But when to pause.”

At first it may seem far-fetched to consider how the words of a comic could relate in the business setting. When you think of it, the communication techniques used by standup comic are no different than what we need to do when we try to disseminate information to our work teams.

Experts agree that words are very small portion of any communication message. Benny understood the many other aspects of communication just the way an effective leader needs to understand how to get a well-received message to those with whom he has communicating.

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