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Jack & Ben Wright Duo's improvised instrumentals at Kadoya Gallery

Jack & Ben Wright Duo ended their two week tour at Kadoya Gallery, on Feb. 5. They were the headlining act and Pueblo Improvisers Community Orchestra (P.I.C.O.) was the direct support.

Jack & Ben Wright Duo's improvised instrumentals at Kadoya Gallery.
Sareth Ney
Jack & Ben Wright Duo's improvised instrumentals at Kadoya Gallery.
Sareth Ney

Ben Wright plays the upright bass and Jack Wright plays the tenor and alto saxophones of Jack & Ben Wright Duo.

Before the improvisational instrumentals began—Gregory Howell, owner of the Kadoya Gallery, asked the Jack & Ben Wright Duo where their tour had taken them. Jack Wright stated he flew in from eastern Penn. and into N.M. From there, he stated they traveled from Albuquerque, N.M. to Phoenix, Ariz. Then they stopped in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Calif., Reno, Nev., Utah, Denver, Colo. and ending in Pueblo, Colo.

After Jack Wright spoke of their journey—Ben Wright mentioned they had a new album out, they brought some to the art gallery. He went onto say if they liked the music, they were available for purchase.

During the first improvised song, Jack Wright lifted his left pant leg and placed the end of his tenor saxophone against his calf muscle. He then blew into it, to manipulate the sound. He also removed the mouth piece, to produce a different sound. As Ben Wright continued on alone, it gave Jack Wright the opportunity to switch to his alto saxophone. As he played—he lifted his right pant leg, placed the end of his instrument inside his thigh and played.

Ben Wright pulled one of his upright bass strings and struck it, as the first instrumental continued. Then, he used his upright bass as a percussion instrument. He took his bow and struck the bottom portion of the strings. He later struck the sides of the base of his instrument.

P.I.C.O. was invited to join the Ben & Wright Duo, after Ben Wright spoke of the time he resided in Boulder, Colo. He was also part of an improvisational orchestra, Front Range Improvisers Orchestra. He stated they were made up of musicians from Denver and Boulder.

Soon after occupying the half circle—Susan Wolf of P.I.C.O. took her bow and placed it underneath the strings of her cello, as she played. Michael Cox tapped the side of his cajón and tapped the mouth piece of his didgeridoo. Bret Hamilton continued to dance and Geoffrey Simmons assisted with the percussions, as they helped bring an end to Jack & Ben Wright Duo’s recital.