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Jack Bauer: fugitive, soldier, hero in '24: Live Another Day' trailer

The tagline for Captain America: The Winter Soldier's trailer says "In Heroes We Trust", and there has been no greater hero than not only the First Avenger himself, but also Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who returns to FOX in the 12-episode summer event entitled 24: Live Another Day.

24: Live Another Day finds Bauer living underground in London as a "fugitive" over the last four years, where his one-man vendetta in New York led him to hunted by both the Russians and the Americans -- including the CIA.

However, when he heard of an assassination attempt being made against visiting U.S. President James Heller (William Devane), Bauer becomes a "soldier" once more in the good fight against terrorism.

Still, with his reputation of being a "traitor" and "psychopath", will Jack Bauer rise like Batman to become the "hero" the world needs? Most of all, is he still the guy who always does the right thing?

24: Live Another Day premieres with Monday, May 5 at 8pm on FOX, so check out the new trailer on its website.

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