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Jabra Sport Wireless: Review

Jabra Sport Wireless
Jabra Sport Wireless

Jabra Sport Wireless have the athlete in mind (hence, the "Sport" part of the name). The headphones are meant to slide over and behind the ears. The plastic inserts are meant to further customize the fit.

While we are not accustomed to wearing such headphones, we will soon be working on that - getting used to it, as they work perfectly for our new mobile phone. Yes, they have a mic too! At least, we hope to be able to get comfortable with them. The design of the phones is somewhat unrelenting.

However, the Sport Wireless are weather and shock proof (military grade), have a 4.5 hour talk time and can connect simultaneously to two devices. The music range is decent too. You wouldn't expect something this small to do so well and you'd be surprised.

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