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Jabez prayed.....

You have been an outcast; rejected and neglected. People have called you by your problem, reminded you of your failures, and labeled you by their standards. They said you could not do it; would not make it; and everything that you have heard concerning you, is contrary to what GOD said about you.

In 2 Chronicles 4:9-10, we hear about a child named Jabez. His name means sorrow, and sorrow means pain. If you lived your life being called a pain, by your mother, and all those who knew you, there is a possibility that you may have seen yourself as unwanted; unloved and undesirable. Jabez could have used this as a crutch; an excuse for failure and a reason to quit. But instead, Jabez prayed.

When people have put you off: When you are constantly reminded of the things you've done wrong and the mistakes that you have made, you have a choice....... you can walk in despair, or you can call on GOD, so that you can walk in purpose. Jabez prayed.

When Jabez prayed, he did not complain about what others called him; he did not ask GOD why his life reminded his mother of the pain he caused during birth; he did not blame others for what any pain that he felt. Instead Jabez prayed that GOD would bless him; enlarge his territory; and that GOD would be with him, keeping him from evil. He could have had a pity party, but instead Jabez prayed.

Jabez prayed, knowing that no matter what others called him; what he had done; or what had been done to him, "...If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31). Don't whine about it; pray about it. Jabez heard people call him 'pain' everyday....but GOD called him blessed! You see, the bible says that GOD granted the requests of Jabez's prayer. So no matter what people say; GOD has the last WORD.

So stop worrying about what people say about you; what they call you; or what they think about you.... instead, do what Jabez did. Jabez prayed.

You can do what GOD says; be what GOD spoke, and go where GOD sends you. If GOD be for you, who can be against you? Just pray! Jabez prayed; GOD answered!

People may call you something; but GOD calls you blessed; fearfully and wonderfully made; more than a conqueror; an overcomer; a son; a daughter; a royal priesthood; chosen and HIS!

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