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Jabba the Pug needs your love

Jabba the Pug needs your love-slide0
Debbie Eubanks

Is it possible to love a dog too much?

Jabba the Pug
Debbie Eubanks

Ordinarily, a pet owner’s answer might be, “No way!” But Jabba’s story may change that answer.

Jabba, an approximately 4-year old Pug, was the beloved pet of an elderly woman who had dementia. She had little money and forgot to feed herself, preferring instead to cook for Jabba and provide him with sustenance. Though noble in the way that she thought of her pet first, the result of her overfeeding is that Jabba is a 70-pound Pug, and he should only weigh, at most, 25 pounds. Her love for him was literally killing him, but how could she have known? She was only trying to give him a happy life, the best way she knew how in her condition.

As her dementia worsened, Jabba’s mom was put into a nursing home. Jabba, with no one to care for him or love him any longer, was taken to the veterinarian to be euthanized. However, the veterinarian loathed the idea of putting to sleep this young, sweet dog, and contacted Angels Among Us Pet Rescue for help. Angels Among Us felt compelled, and honored, to help Jabba in his time of need.

Upon his intake vetting, it was discovered that Jabba is heartworm positive, has cherry eye, double ear infections, and a skin infection – as well as being nearly 50 pounds overweight. As to be expected, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue was not daunted by his condition. A true angel of a foster mom, Debbie, stepped up to care for him until he is adoptable.

Debbie reports that Jabba is on a strict prescription weight loss diet, and seems to be slowly but surely losing weight. Because he is heartworm positive, she is only able to take him on short and slow walks, so as not to stress his heart.

“He sounds like a hot mess, doesn’t he?” Debbie asks, but continues positively, “But he is a happy, loyal dog. He follows me around the house. He loves being outside and visiting people, so we take him around town in our golf cart so he can be social but doesn’t have to walk too far. He gets along great with my other dogs and my cats, too. His cute habit is that he carries stuffing-free toys around all the time.” Debbie goes on to report that Jabba is perfectly housebroken, and a very easy dog to foster. “I adore him and want him to get a stellar forever home,” Debbie says with a smile.

Jabba is a young boy who needs a forever home that will love him so much that they make sure he stays at a proper weight, and receives his monthly preventatives; a forever home that will love him too much in a healthy way.

If you are interested in learning more about Jabba, or feel like you have enough love for this big boy, please visit, or email

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