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Ja Rule gay rumors: Rapper responds to reports of a jail lover

Ja Rule responds to rumors that he's in a gay relationship with a guy he met in jail
Photo by David Hardenberg/Getty Images

Ja Rule wants his fans to know that he didn't get any "Thug Lovin'" while he was in jail.

According to a Dec. 5 report by E! Online, rumors recently surfaced claiming that the rapper left his wife, Aisha Atkins, for his prison cellmate. Ja Rule responded by tweeting a photo of himself kissing his wife while they both flip the bird. The photo was accompanied by a message that read, "Sorry to disappoint all the haters who want the rumors to be true so bad lol.Merry Xmas stupid love Mick&Mal.Lmao." Since the photo features Ja donning some gay apparel in the form of a Santa hat, maybe he and Aisha should consider using it for their Christmas card this year.

According to The Huffington Post, the gay rumors started when a blog quoted Aisha Atkins as saying, "We spent ten-plus years building our marriage but it only took him two to decide he’d rather suck a d*** than be with his wife... He returned home alright – to get his s*** and leave." However, Ja Rule claimed that the blog just fabricated the gay rumor and the accompanying quote. According to him, the biggest threat to his marriage isn't gay prisoners—it's "fallacious women" who don't want to see him and his wife happy.

It is nice that Ja didn't get ugly by tweeting a homophobic rant, and he seems more concerned with proving that he and his wife are still together than he is about the gay rumor. Maybe the blog that reported the rumor got the idea for the story from Gangstalicious, a gay rapper on the cartoon "The Boondocks." FX is also about to air "Chozen," a cartoon about a gay white rapper who has just gotten out of prison. With Frank Ocean coming out and Macklemore rapping about "Same Love," it's nice to see the hip-hop community slowly becoming less homophobic.

Hopefully one day blogs will find it pointless to try using gay rumors to damage a singer's reputation—the singers will just shrug them off and say, "So what if I am?"

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