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J-Swain's spectacular showcase at The Beard

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J-Swain rocked the mic at The Beard, on Feb. 1. He was the direct support. Brown Ale, ZETFree FoundDed and Bryson Foster were the opening acts and Martyr Thompson was the headlining act. Jade Montoya provided live art and painted on the space provided and DJ Sham was the house disc jockey for all emcees.

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Thompson introduced J-Swain and asked if he was ready for his showcase, J-Swain responded by saying he was born ready. He mentioned he was from Denver, before the music began. As the instrumental was heard for “What You On”, he provided his verse and the crowd participation was present. Spectators inched their way closer to the stage, as the song continued on. He proceeded to provide the lyrics and members of the crowd motioned their arms up and down, to the beat of the song.

During “More (On Her Way)”, J-Swain took command of the entire stage. As he performed he walked around and pointed in various directions, as he projected his lyrics. He managed to use his hat as a prop, during each chorus and verse. As he unleashed each set of lyrics—he turned the lid of his baseball cap in several directions, before he continued to the next portions. Members of the crowd moved up closer and made room for those filing in. They continued to throw their arms in motion, mimicking the movements of J-Swain.

For “Fit To Win”, J-Swain received more participation from the crowd. As the arms maintained their movements, he had the crowd chant after him. The rest of the crowd caught on and the chants became louder, after the first attempt. Afterwards, voices from various parts of the crowd encouraged J-Swain to maintain the energy. “Catchin’ My Breath” soon followed, as the tempo was brought down a slight bit and he was able to take the music down a notch.

After “Time Will Tell”—Thompson stood near the back of the stage, signaled to J-Swain and said he had time for one more song. After being caught up in the moment, he relayed the message to the crowd. After receiving word, “Cold Blooded” brought an end to J-Swain’s performance. As he introduced the song—he mentioned the song can be found on his most recent album, “For What It’s Worth”. DJ Sham went back to the turntables, for the finale and assisted J-Swain with his scratching abilities.