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J.R. Martinez announces break with daughter's mother, Diana Gonzalez-Jones

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Season 13 “Dancing with the Stars” champion J.R. Martinez announced Jan. 9, 2014, he and the mother of his 18 month old daughter, Diana Gonzales-Jones, will be going their separate ways, according to People.

“Diana and I have ended our relationship. However, we are committed to working together to raise our daughter in a healthy and happy environment,” he told People.

According to the report, Martinez, 30, also posted a message on Facebook regarding the split, noting that although everyone goes through changes in life, it may be better to maintain memories of who a person once was instead of accepting “who they have become…”

E! News reports that Martinez, an Iraq War veteran, and Gonzalez-Jones had been together for several years.

People reports the couple met in 2008 after he joined the cast of “All My Children” where Gonzalez-Jones worked as an assistant to the ABC show’s executive producer.

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