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J Pressure new video: "Dream Bigger Than Life"

J Pressure the hot new rap artist from New York has just released his long awaited follow up video off the "Legendary P" mixtape call Dream Bigger Than Life. This video was made locally in NYC and showcases the versatility and street style of J Pressure. The artist J Pressure is never understated in his lyrics but his message in this rap song Dream Bigger than Life gives us a peak at his hard work ethic and his street sensibility. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, with all his street swag and purposely realistic demeanor, J Pressure can at first be seen as an artist of little consequence but once his lyrics get a hold of you they stick to your guts like a Thanksgiving dinner. The lyrics leave you satisfied and wanting more at the same time. His previous videos, 'Forever Mackin' and 'What Makes Me' show very different sides of the artist. He is already proven to have a steady flow of music these days with this mixtape being the 3rd completed work since 2010. He has a lengthy history of grinding in the studio these days and is steadily producing hits that have grown his fan base to the 10's of thousands in a few short years.

J Pressure NYC - Dream Bigger Than Life
Photo by Hosea Johnson -

Well he is back with video producer Mandela Gregorie. This is the 2nd video production collaboration since the video called “Disgusting” also directed by Mandela Gregorie which gave fans a way to see the raw, dark, gritty side of J Pressure. Filming in black and white and in a modern street like film noir, this video showcases the legendary skylines of New York City along with J Pressure's "Legendary" lyrics. The message of Dream Bigger than Life is one of loyalty and hard work. The strength of his vision and the sleepless nights of hard work is what he talks about in this upbeat motivational song. He raps about his family and those close to him even about being role model to his son. He keeps this song about his life perspective grounded in realism but raps about a dream that's bigger than that. Motivated by the loss of a dear friend he painfully expresses that through the pain and the tears he is giving his all.

“Cooking songs in my heart and life is the recipe”--J Pressure (Dream Bigger Than Life")

You can hear the entire Mixtape at

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