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J Pressure 'New' Rap artist drops a new CD

There's nothing like hearing the word underground rapper and expecting a gritty unfinished raw type of music and getting something back that is totally the opposite. Something excellently refined something professionally and lyrically excellent.J Pressure, New York rapper, Bronx native, is launching his long awaited Mixtape “Legendary P” on November 12th, 2013. The lyrically accomplished J Pressure has emerged from his studio recording sessions with a trailblazing and undeniably progressive Mixtape. This Mixtape, executive produced by J Pressures team TLE (the Legendary Establishment), showcases mature and gritty lyrics that make you listen as well as beats that make listeners want to hear it again.

J Pressure - Photo shoot in Downtown Manhattan NYC
Adrian Davila

“Legendary P” is the 3rd Mixtape following the successful “Follow Me Vol. #1” and “Who got the Juice”. This Mixtape an 18-track release is a culmination of hard work and focused energy and it introduces listeners to the harsh realities of J Pressures recent life events. Great lyrics often come from great trials and triumphs. This Mixtape is dedicated in the “Intro”: ‘to everyone that lost someone dear to them’. Since beginning this Mixtape J Pressure was both deeply saddened and deeply motivated by the death of his dear friend. Listening to songs off Legendary P, like “What Makes Me”, mixes the messages of street life, honor and loyalty. The track embraces his determination to succeed and whispers loudly the inevitability of life. The video for “What Makes Me” will also be released on November 12th, 2013. The video was shot by director Wiley Abbas in the heart New York City. The flashing lights and Porches’ in the video only complement the strong lyrics by J Pressure. As you get deep into the Mixtape you will find a track that also kicks your adrenaline into high gear, “Shake Up the World”. His undeniably motivating song will have you embracing your own destiny as you find yourself wanting to do just that; shake up the world. The Fast wheeling track “Forever Mackin’ ”, a current fan favorite, highlights the good side of J Pressure’s life and its successes. This Mixtape gives listeners a foundation of reasons the make J Pressure a household name, now and into the future.

The world renowned DJ, DJ Enuff, had this to say after listening to several tracks off the mixtape, “Wow… the mixtape is pretty dope! He might be able to fill in that void right now”

All of the songs on this Mixtape showcase the composing and writing skills of J Pressure. Every word comes from his time spent developing a song to its perfection. Sometimes writing a song a day, J Pressure stays on top of current topics and is motivated to bring his fans and first time listeners more and more. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, now rapper and producer, he began his journey at ripe age of 15. His first Mixtape releases in 2010“Follow Me – Vol. 1” showcased high-energy songs like “Fresh Air” and “Roc A Bye”. The follow up 2011 Mixtape release “Who got the Juice?” produced by his team TLE (The Legend Establishment) produced a song and video called “Disgusting” directed by Mandela Gregorie that gave fans a way to see the raw, dark, gritty side of J Pressure. This next Mixtape in 2013 is focused and resolute, J Pressure is now an undeniable talent and future legend.

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