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J Lo hits the stage at the AMA awards ..Literally

J Lo
J Lo doing better here than she did tonight  Lisa Rose / AP

.The American Music Awards this year will not be remembered for who won or who lost.  The top story will be the J-Lo fiasco of her falling during her dance routine.

During her performance, she walks up a 'staircase' of shirtless guys, jumping off the top one to the stage.

Even with one of the male dancers holding her hand she still missed her mark,  or better yet, she hit her mark, but just not with her feet.

As fast as J-Lo was to jump up to her feet, the video was already posted to You Tube, tweeted out and viewed by many.
 Below you can see just how quick this all happened on Twitter in my Twitter stream alone...

OMG J-Lo fell on her's a**  live on TV LMAO u see that on the award show  9:53
Posted on You Tube: [J-Lo just busted her a** on the AMA's. LMAO] posted November 22nd 2009 at 10:01pm from TwitVid

[J-Lo just busted her a** on the AMA's. LMAO] 10:22

And now the show......

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