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J.K. Rowling sends Texas shooting survivor note written in voice of Dumbledore

There’s a line in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that, even though it only appears in the movie, has arguably become one of the most beloved quotes in the Harry Potter universe: “Happiness can be found even in darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light.”

Those words are spoken by headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and author J.K. Rowling recently invoked his spirit to reach out to 15-year-old Cassidy Stay with words of comfort. Stay’s story made international headlines in early July when her parents and four siblings were all shot and killed in their Spring, Texas home. Stay was targeted as well but was able to play dead and alert police, as the gunman was reportedly on the way to kill her grandparents as well. At a public memorial service for her family members, Stay quoted Dumbledore’s line.

The Telegraph notes on Wednesday that following an Internet campaign to arrange a meeting between Stay and Rowling, which includes a Facebook page called “We want JK Rowling to meet Cassidy Stay,” the author became aware of the story and sent her a care package of sorts. The gifts included a signed copy of Prisoner of Azkaban, a Hogwarts acceptance letter and school supply list, and, most notably, a handwritten note in purple ink said to be in the voice of Dumbledore himself.

“I’m so excited and ecstatic that we were all able to make a difference! How wonderful,” reads a post on the page confirming the news.

A representative for Rowling confirmed that the author had in fact gotten in touch with Stay but said the contents of the letter are being kept private. The rep could not comment on whether a face-to-face meeting is a possibility, though the administrator of the Facebook page still hopes the two will still get to meet in person at some point.

A gofundme campaign also continues to raise money for the Stay Family Fund and as of this writing has raised just over $400,000 since it was created on July 10.

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