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J.K. Rowling explains history of Quidditch in new Pottermore story

It's a good day for Potterheads, particularly Potterheads who like to spend time on the interactive website Pottermore, on which users can attend be sorted and attend Hogwarts. On Friday, series author J.K. Rowling released a brand new piece of writing on the website sure to delight fans of Potter history.

“A History of the Quidditch World Cup” went live on the website today and is now accessible to registered Pottermore users who have progressed to "The Campfire," a station located within the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire content (members move through content chronologically). To refresh your memory, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasley family attend the World Cup in that book.

Clocking in at 2,400 words, the document is the first in a two-part series and explains the historical background of Quidditch, the Potterverse's favorite sport. It also includes a more in-depth explanation of the rules and trivia about past Quidditch World Cups. It is reportedly one of the longest pieces of Rowling's original content posted to the site.

Part two, which will be released next Friday, is said to include a more in-depth explanation of the rules and the quirky changes made over the years, such as prohibiting dragons in the arena under all circumstances (wonder what forced them to make that rule).

Quidditch plays a big role in Harry's life throughout the books, as he earned the important position of Seeker on the team in his first year and was often more interested in the sport than his studies.

Pottermore, which came about through a partnership between Rowling and Sony, officially opened for registration in April 2012.

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