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J. Crew receives harsh criticism after introducing size 000

J. Crew decided to introduce a size that many people won't end up fitting in.
J. Crew decided to introduce a size that many people won't end up fitting in.
Paul Sakuma

Retailer J. Crew has come under much criticism after introducing a clothing size that is not sitting well with a lot of people. TODAY reported on July 9, 2014, that J. Crew officially introduced a size 000 on Tuesday afternoon, and the fire is coming their way. Please realize that a size 000 is equivalent to that of an American size XXXS.

That would be a size that fits someone with a waist size of a mere 23 inches.

ABC News states that the size 000 from J. Crew is not being considered as "vanity sizing," but it is made for shoppers in Asia. Apparently, a growing demand for the size in Asia is what has brought size 000 from the popular retailer.

Even if it is not a size that is meant for the United States, numerous bloggers and fashion critic sites have ripped J. Crew for the introduction. They state that the size 000 is setting a bad example by even offering up a size that small.

"I won't support J.Crew's decision to expand their sizing downward because it feeds into the notion that clothing size is a scarlet letter," Capitol Hill Style wrote. "The practical and reasonable thing to do would be to create a measurement's guide that isn't abhorrently dishonest, accepting that the brand now sells size 24 clothing."

J. Crew has gone on record as stating that they are "addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried."

J. Crew's online sizing chart shows this:

Size (US) - Numeric Size (US) - Natural Waist

  • 23 - 000 - 23
  • 24 - 00 - 24
  • 25 - 0 - 25
  • 26 - 2 - 26
  • 27 - 4 - 27
  • 28 - 6 - 28
  • 29 - 9 - 29
  • 30 - 10 - 30

The size 000 began being offered by J. Crew back in May, but has since started branching out and getting a bit more attention. A number of shoppers have already spoken out against the retailer and have said they are planning on boycotting the stores.

“We live in a country that promotes anorexia and shame for women's body types,” Jennifer Appel, a 40-year-old learning specialist from Old Brookville, Long Island, told the Daily News during a trip to the J. Crew store in Midtown’s Rockefeller Center.

“J. Crew is a really powerful brand because Michelle Obama likes it, so they are making a national and international statement,” she added.

A J. Crew spokeswoman has said that their numbers are true to the size shown. They do not want to manipulate sizes in any way as some other companies allegedly do, so that women can feel as if the clothes they are wearing have a smaller number.

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