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J.Cole debuts unreleased video off his 2009 mixtape 'The Warm Up.'

Rapper J.Cole has come a long way from having a small internet following to being one of the biggest rappers in the game. It all began five years ago with his release of his second mixtape "The Warm Up," which broke down the door to his now well established career in hip hop.

"The Warm Up" is filled with tracks like "Can I Live," "Dead Presidents II," and "Lights Please." The mixtape was released by Jay Z's label Roc Nation. Jay Z signed J.Cole to his label after hearing "Lights Please" before the mixtape was released.

J.Cole describes his songs on this mixtape to have no hit records just "life music." On yesterday's "RapFix Live" with Sway, J.Cole commemorates "The Warm Up" because it was how his career started and showed the industry that having hit songs for the radio isn't the only way to become successful. Check out the interview here.

With "The Warm Up," J.Cole didn't get sales off of radio hits, but instead off of dedicated fans who were willing to actually buy the mixtape. This new pattern showed record labels that they should be taking mix tapes more seriously and not writing off talented musicians just because they may not have a hit record for radio.

On the episode of "RapFix Live" yesterday, J.Cole celebrated the five year anniversary of the release of "The Warm Up" by debuting a never before seen video for the song "Lights Please." The video can be seen above in this article. This song by J.Cole defined not only J.Cole's career, but many other young, talented rappers who are building and starting their career on social networking website and the internet. The song got J.Cole signed and has lead him on the path he is on today. It shows that any rapper, if truly talented, can start from authentic creativity and become anything they'd like to be.

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