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J.B.L.M. Soldier nearly beaten to death by Russian-speaking gang

J.B.L.M. Soldier nearly beaten to death by Russian-speaking gang
J.B.L.M. Soldier nearly beaten to death by Russian-speaking gang

What began as a night of shooting pool and kicking back, ended with J.B.L.M. Army Spc. Korry McClanahan, 25, being attacked and nearly beaten to death by a gang of Russian-speaking men last Friday night.

Spc. McClanahan will probably never breathe again without a ventilator, much less ever walk or talk.

Reportedly McClanahan, and an unnamed Army buddy, went to the Steel Creek American Whiskey Company in downtown Tacoma, on May 27. When the Soldiers stepped outside the bar around midnight to smoke they were accosted by six Russian-speaking men.

Hoping to avoid a confrontation, the two Soldiers tried to walk away; that's when the attackers punched McClanahan in the head and face. The knockout blow landed him face-down on the ground; he never got up.

The J.B.L.M. Soldier, a native of Corona, Calif., was previously assigned to Fort Hood, and has only been in Washington State a few weeks.

Neurosurgeons removed parts of the Soldier's frontal and temporal lobes in the brain due to extensive head trauma from the assault. He remains at Madigan Army Medical Center in intensive care.

Local police are still investigating and searching for a black Infiniti G35, model year 2005 or 2006, said to be the vehicle used when the assailants fled the scene.

Please call the Tacoma Police Department if you have information regarding this attack: 253-591-5959.

Examiner's Note: CBS listed this Soldier as a Specialist, KOMO News reported his rank as Corporal.

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