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J and O Fabrics Prom Dress Contest "Pretty in Pink": Now until June 13, 2010

A prom dress I made for my dear German exchange student, Verena Biskup back in 2008. She rocked it.
A prom dress I made for my dear German exchange student, Verena Biskup back in 2008. She rocked it.
Photo: Wendy Kaufman

Just in time for the prom, J&O Fabrics is holding their first 'Pretty in Pink Homemade Prom Dress Contest'. Inspired by the 1980's cult classic movie "Pretty In Pink", this contest is an easy way to get a bit of extra cash along the way to that great prom dress you are stitching up for yourself anyway.

Designs can be created by draping, tailoring, reconstruction, or even upcycling, All submissions will be judged on the following: Workmanship, originality, and fashionable flair. They are looking for "FAB-U-LOUS(ness)," folks, so let it all loose for this one, and rock that prom. Use good construction, with the proper facings and supports to get the best look possible. Even though you can't see it, you can 'see' it by the way the dress will hang, and move. If you are upcycling or using any vintage goods, be sure that you add backing and supports as old materials may give way without notice.

To enter, you'll need to become a fan of J&O Fabrics in Facebook, and upload a picture of your finished prom dress. Spend the time to take a great photo. Great photos of average dresses will win over fuzzy pictures of great dresses taken by your date with his cell phone. Why? It's the general public voting, and if they can't SEE your work, they won't vote for it.

First Place is a $50 American Express Gift Card!

To enter simply:
* Go to J and O Fabrics Facebook page and become a fan.
* Upload your homemade prom dress pictures right under the wall
* Add a description of your handcrafted project. Tell them allthr details, but don't overdo it. If it's too long, no one will read it. Be sure to mention the fabric and fiber, and the inspiration for the gown. Is there a prom theme that this dress was made to fit?

All entrees are due by June 13, 2010.
Voting starts June 14th on J and O Fabrics Facebook page and ends June 19th. Winners will be announced Monday June 21, 2010.

Once selected, the winner will be notified via email and Facebook. Your finished project will be featured on Facebook as well as J&O Fabrics Blog Page for our customers worldwide to view.

"Remember, we are looking for the best handcrafted home makeovers fashioned by none other than you. So capture your version of Molly Ringwald's pretty-in-pink-uniquely-you prom dress in a photo or two, tell us a little about it , and show off the fashionista in you. With plenty of hot designer dress fabrics, unique spring materials, and vintage garments from your closet just dying to be revamped and brought back to life. Well, what are you waiting for?"


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