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Izzet Charm 'Return to Ravnica' preview card featured in 'Izzet vs Golgari'

Izzet Charm and friends
Izzet Charm and friends
Wizards of the Coast

Spoiled today in the Izzet deck list of "Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari," Izzet Charm is one of the latest "Magic: The Gathering" cards to be previewed from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set "Return to Ravnica."

Izzet Charm art
Wizards of the Coast

Izzet Charm - UR
Instant (Uncommon)
Choose one - Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays 2; or Izzet Charm deals 2 damage to target creature; or draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Revealed in an article by Trick Jarret on www.DailyMTG.comm, Izzet Charm is a cheap and versatile spell that combines Spell Pierce, Dead, and Faithless Looting onto one card for just two mana.

The choice between countering a spell, destroying an early threat, or digging through your deck is powerful, especially when Izzet Charm can be re-used with Archaeomancer or Snapcaster Mage.

With Mana Leak rotating soon, Izzet Charm may make a good replacement in Delver decks. Because Izzet Charm can only counter non-creature spells it isn't hurt by Cavern of Souls. It can take out small creatures until you cast Bonfire of the Damned.

Although not as effective compared to Ponder, Izzet Charm helps flesh out early card draws. It provides fuel for Grim Lavamancer, can be used to dump useful flashback cards into your graveyard, draw more cards, find an answer, or a key card in a combo deck.

Izzet Charm makes a fantastic addition to the "Sweet Revenge" event deck.

How will you use Izzet Charm?

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