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IWD Nominee: Mary McLoughlin

Mary McLoughlin-Leadership Award Nominee
Mary McLoughlin-Leadership Award Nominee
Mary McLoughlin

Mary McLoughlin has been nominated in the category of Leadership for a 2014 International Women's Day Recognition Award in Ohio. She is the owner of Mary McLoughlin, LLC and works as a leadership life coach. She is certified through the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Teachers, Coaches and Trainers. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and friend. Her passions include faith, family, serving and leadership, Her hobbies are reported to be "all things needle and thread."

The following is a questionnaire that Mary completed after being notified of her recent nomination:

What is your business name and how can someone get in touch with you for your services?

Mary McLoughlin LLC Phone: 614.216.2055 email

web site

When did you decide to be a “woman entrepreneur” and why?

Twenty years ago I began working as a party plan consultant very part time. I knew that whatever I did, I wanted to work for myself and never have a boss. I am creative, independent and like to strike out in new territory. My part time business grew over 18 years, when I decided it was time to follow God’s lead and move on to something new. I have followed that dream and created my coaching, training and consulting business for female direct sellers and women in business.

Describe your business services and why someone would want to work/buy from you?

I am passionate about leadership. I believe each of us is a leader, beginning with how we lead ourselves, then others then a leader of leaders. I work with individuals to bring out their unique God given talents so that they can fulfill His place for them on this earth. I am a professional business coach, offering my coaching services primarily over the phone, so am available to anyone, anywhere. I have 18 years experience working from my home and leading other women who do the same. The majority of my clients are female direct sellers, although I have coached women in traditional corporate jobs and women who own other types of business. I have been in their shoes. I am uniquely equipped to pull out the best in my clients and to help them face their obstacles head on. I do this with compassion and caring. If a women is challenged to move forward in business or has a dream but no idea how to attain it, I am the coach for her. .

What advice would you give to inspire other women to own/start their own business?

When you have a vision or dream that keeps nagging at you, you are playing short when you don’t follow through. You are enough; God created you to fulfill his will for you and when you do, your dreams will come true.

What is your heritage and ethnic background?

I am a true American, a blend of many varieties of caucasion….

You can learn more about Mary via email at or by visiting

To vote for Mary or any other nominee, please visit the website. Also, please consider joining us for the International Women's Day Charity Celebration on March 8th from 10 am - 6pm for a day of women's art, cuisine, jewelry, fashion, flowers and information including our Bridge to Wellness/Healing Pavilion and empowerment discussions. Admission is free. Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a variety of prizes. Proceeds from raffles will benefit the PWI Charity Fund.

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By Lisa Cayton Stockdale

Lisa is a motivational speaker, talk-show host, political activist and senior advocate who currently works as a community liaison in the senior arena. She is the creator & host of Senior Agenda which airs weekly on and Columbus Community Radio at 98.9 and 102.1 FM. The program covers a wide array of senior issues ranging from disproportionate poverty to second chance romance. Lisa uses the program to help raise awareness and call the community to action. She also authors a blog called Senior Agenda where she educates and entertains us weekly. Visit the blog at

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