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Ivo Opstelten avoids Anass Aouragh' family while protecting accused pedophile

On Sunday, dutch news outlet, Trouw reported that the Dutch police conducted a thorough search of the wooded area surrounding the home of recently deceased Els Borst. Last Monday, 81-year-old Borst was found dead in her garage, by the mother of Michiel Scheffer. reported that the Dutch police first thought that it was an accidental or natural death. When police investigators first arrived on the scene, they stated that there were no signs of murder. After re-conducting the preliminary investigation, police investigators retracted they're earlier statement and re-determined that there was evidence that it was a murder.

Ivo Opstelten avoids Anass Aouragh' family while protecting political friends
Kevin P. Roberson

In a statement the Dutch police said that, “Based on forensic tests and findings at the scene, the conclusion can be drawn that the most likely cause of death was a crime.”. Borst is a former party member of Democrats 66 and served as the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports.

The Dutch Department of Justice, which is lead by Ivo Opstelten, has placed 30 investigators on the case. Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte was in Brussels meeting with European Commissioner José Manuel Barroso, when he was called by Opstelten, who then informed him that Borst had been found dead. It seems as if the Dutch judicial system is working in over-drive to find out what exactly happened to their beloved Borst. The Borst case is being handled in a more professional matter, then the death of 13-year-old Anass Aouragh.

Ivo Opstelten has been asked by his colleagues to stop paying the attorney fees for accused pedophile Joris Demmink. Last week, a Dutch court in Arnhem ruled that Demmink will stand trial for the alleged rapes of two under-age boys. The rapes took place in Turkey, during the 90s. Dutch officials claimed that Demmink was never in Turkey during the 90s. They were forced to retract they're statement after Turkish officials provided them with documents, from 1996, showing that Demmink entered and exited the country.

During the first week of February, family and friends of Anass, organized a demonstration in front of the Dutch Parliament. On February 6, 2013, Anass was found dead in the Wassenaar woods, in The Hague. Anass had gone missing on a Wednesday and his body was found 24-hours later. Investigators concluded that Anass had committed suicide. After his parents looked over the autopsy report, they noticed that important details were excluded. Investigators had failed to test Anass' clothing for DNA traces. Independent pathologists, who studied the police photos of Anass' body, concluded that the visible injuries on his body were clear indicators of murder.

The demonstration was organized to ask Opstelten to submit a request to have the case re-opened. Opstelten waited for the protestors to leave the area, before coming outside.

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