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Low-carb diet and yoga workouts fueled Ivanka Trump's 30-pound weight loss

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Ivanka Trump attributes her 30-pound weight loss just six months after the birth of her second child to a low-carb diet and regular yoga and spinning workouts, she told Shape Wednesday.

Trump, 32, said she rarely watched her diet before becoming a mother, but began eating more carefully after her first pregnancy in 2011. "I ate like a teenager [before having children]," said Ivanka.

"Carbs three meals a day, usually in the form of pizza or pasta. But when I was expecting Arabella, my attitude toward food changed, and I began thinking about nutrition in a whole new way."

Yoga, Spinning and Pilates Keep Ivanka Fit

Trump now centers her meals around protein, especially salmon and chicken, and cut back on processed carbs to have more consistent energy throughout the day. Over time, Ivanka started enjoying healthier foods and craving them over junk foods.

Low-carb diets are an effective way to lose weight quickly. Kim Kardashian recently lost 50 pounds in six months on a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, which limited Kim's daily carb intake to less than 60 grams. The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular as a way to produce rapid weight loss without hunger, and has also been touted for preventing heart disease, Alzheimer's and depression.

The leggy 5-foot-11 Ivanka also credits regular exercise for her model-like physique. Trump goes to spinning classes and works out with her trainer, who incorporates yoga, Pilates, dance and massage into their workouts. Ivanka also plays golf regularly with her husband, real estate mogul Jared Kushner.

Ivanka, an executive vice president with the Trump Organization, also incorporates exercise into her workday whenever she can. “I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or when I’m on a phone call, I’ll do squats or pace the room while I’m talking," she said.

Ivanka said her beauty secrets are simple. "For skin care I love Tammy Fender’s products, they are wonderful and effective," she said. "I don’t leave home without a Tammy Fender moisturizer, La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios sunscreen, ChapStick classic lip balm, Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara and Estée Lauder Smoothing Crème Concealer."

Digital Detox Keeps Her Calm

To keep herself emotionally centered, Ivanka does a digital detox every weekend, during which she completely disconnects from e-mail, TV and the Internet to give her mind a break. This is something media mogul Arianna Huffington also recommends.

Arianna, who sold the Huffington Post for $315 million to AOL in 2011, said you can't be truly successful without being healthy, and that regular digital detoxing is critical for physical and mental health. Arianna revealed her fitness and success secrets in her, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success.

While most people in Trump's financial position would cut back on working, Ivanka tries to strike a balance between motherhood and work by adopting a guilt-free attitude. When she's at work, she's 100 percent concentrating on her projects. It's the same when she's at a home, she said.

For now, Ivanka has her hands full juggling marriage, two children and her executive position at the Trump Organization. She also plans to launch an apparel collection to add to her line of shoes, fragrances, eye wear and handbags.



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