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Ivan Lopez' father says his son was not in his right mind

Fort Hood’s senior officer, Lieutenant General Mark Milley addresses press on Fort Hood shooting rampage
Fort Hood’s senior officer, Lieutenant General Mark Milley addresses press on Fort Hood shooting rampage
Photo by Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

As the investigation progresses into why Ivan Lopez went on a bloody rampage killing three soldiers and wounding 16, at the Texas Fort Hood Army base on Wednesday, April 02, more questions regarding the motive have surfaced. Besides mental health problems, on Thursday, April 03, Army investigators released statements speculating whether Ivan Lopez’ trigger may have been due to an altercation with another fellow soldier at the Fort Hood base.

Fort Hood’s senior officer, Lieutenant General Mark Milley, said on Thursday, there “is a strong possibility,” that Ivan Lopez may have had a “verbal altercation” shortly before Wednesday’s shooting. Although it has yet to be confirmed, authorities don’t believe he was specifically targeting certain individuals on the base.

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Adding to the many speculative reasons why Lopez may have gone on a shooting rampage, are reports of his disappointment for not being provided with enough bereavement time to spend with his family after his mother’s funeral. However, family and friends say that aside from “normal grief,” Lopez “seemed normal.”

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Abel Quintero, 21, who knew Lopez, and lives near the Texas apartment where Lopez resided with his wife and 3-year-old daughter said, “He seemed like a nice guy, a family guy,” adding “he looked regular to me, not crazy or anything.”

Lopez father, Ivan Lopez Sr., who until today had not commented on his son’s shooting rampage, provided a statement saying his son was “a calm family man, a good son.” In disbelief he further added that his “son could not have been in his right mind, he was not like this.” He also asked for prayers for all those affected.

With all of the speculation as to why Lopez went on a shooting rampage, there seems to be one which is not being directly addressed -- he was being treated for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Psychiatrists prescribed Lopez with several drugs, including Ambien, a well known sleep aid. Such drugs are known to have side effects which sometimes include affecting the person’s mood.

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The real reason why Lopez went on a shooting rampage may never be completely known, especially when what is known is; that the 34-year-old Army Specialist, was a fifteen year veteran who served in the Iraq war, received two Army Commendation Medals, Four Army Achievement Medals, Three Army Good Conduct Medals, Two National Defense Service Medals, Two Multinational Force and Observers Medals, and the Iraq Campaign Medal star.

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