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Ivan Ives, blazing a trail of hip hop on the eastside


Photo by Lola Cake

When you think of the music scene on the eastside of Los Angeles hip hop isn’t the first thing that comes to mind and if you saw Ivan Ives walking down the street in Echo Park you’d think he was any other artsy local out and about in the neighborhood but the moment you heard his music or saw him on stage you’d know this was no typical eastside resident but a powerhouse of hip hop, the likes of which haven’t been seen on the east side of Los Angeles since the Beastie Boys set up shop in Atwater in the 80’s. 

Ivan Ives is Russian born, east coast raised and is living and making music on the eastside of Los Angeles. The Charming, shaggy haired, six foot five, hip-hop trailblazer has put out 12 releases, a combination of albums, EP’s mixtapes and remix albums. That’s a lot of music to have produced at the tender age of 25. His first single “Got It” was produced with Fresh The Hitman, a childhood friend of Ives and his main producer. “Got It” introduced him to the indie hip hop scene with a catchy hook and a cute video but don’t let his indie rocker good looks fool you, Ives can rap his ass off. He’s got an old school lyrical style and can really turn a phrase. His lyrics are smart, clever and have depth, plus he never forgets to give you a great hook. Ives was recently recognized by Rolling Stone as one of the next 40 artists to watch and they couldn’t have been more right.

From the "All My Life" Video

Ives new project for 2010 is called “The First Of The Month” aptly named; he will be releasing a new digital single on the first of every month for the entire year of 2010 for digital download at iTunes and Amazon MP3. At the end of the year the 12 tracks will be pressed into an album called, what else “First Of The Month”. The first single released January 1st is “All My Life” and has an accompanying stop motion animation video that Ives directed, shot and edited and it’s all kinds of cool. Ashton Kutcher thought so too, he tweeted the link to the video to his over 4 million Twitter followers giving it an A+ and told them to check it out. Check it out they have, the buzz is spreading far and wide.

Multi talented, driven and not hard to look at, Ives could quite possibly be the next big thing in hip hop and its being created right here on the eastside. Keep your eyes peeled for his next “First Of The Month” release on February 1st called “California” it’s sure to knock your socks off.  

For more info about Ivan:
Download: "All My Life"  On ITunes and AmazonMp3


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