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IV Drip for what aches your head

New IV drip targets hangover Patients say they notice an energy boost immediately. It’s a different kind of boost from vitamins and it makes you feel better. The Today Show hosts found the cure to the hangover, jet lag and even food poisoning.

The hair of the dog that bit you move over The Hangover Bar is giving IV house calls for New York drinkers. For $15 to $150 you can get just what you need for the morning after your night of alcohol or liquor drinking. Medical professionals will bring the miracle elixir, is made up of which is made up of sodium chloride, potassium and anti-nausea medication. It takes 45-minutes for the IV drip to take place and enter the system.

Hangover Heaven Las Vegas is a bus making the rounds where Dr. Burke and his team cure hangovers in Las Vegas Skeptical? You can book for your group or get ‘the cure’ IV vitamin therapy just for yourself. The bus makes house calls. Supplementing hangovers with hydration vitamins and minerals these patients claim to ’feel good’ within the hour. Dr. Burke also sells hangover prevention in the form of four supplemental caplets at five bucks a pop.

Some critics are calling the ‘IV method’ “just a gimic” but it’s a holistic gimic that has a community need If you have to be at work the next day or you have an important event you just can’t miss, like a wedding, the IV drip cures what ails you and has you back on your feet. Pregnant Today Show host Savannah Guthrie says she will stick with her Coke in the morning thank you.

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