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iTwin: More than a USB drive

Reginald Levine

When it comes to transferring of data, there are lots of ways to do it. The interesting thing about iTwins is that they have found an even smarter way than most.

iTwins has developed a unique USB thumb drive like device that makes Remote File Access both simplistic and highly secure.

It allows you to copy, edit, view, upload and remotely access and files on any computer by simply plugging one half of the iTwin in one computer and the other half in the second computer. Simply by using each computers internet connection, an AES-256 bit encrypted connection is made.

In the event that one half of the iTwin is ever lost, you can remotely disable it to keep the other computer's data secure.

The iTwin is compatible with both Windows and OS X. It can be purchased in gunmetal or green for $99.


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