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ITunes re-thinking their music service

Itunes attemp to bring back  users
Itunes attemp to bring back users

ITunes music service has encountered a major drop in revenue and music downloads by users. Many music label executives have seen their revenue fall due to this. This major drop is causing Apple to reconsider how it does its music business. Why is Apple’s music service starting to fail?

Many of the previous users of iTunes have realized that there are many other cost-efficient music services that they can use. There is a vast amount of music streaming programs like Grooveshark and Sound Cloud. Along with music streaming websites and applications there are also many subscription based music programs like Pandora and Spotify. The subscription based websites usually offer a flat rate monthly fee for unlimited listening.

In an attempt to match these companies, iTunes launched iTunes Radio last September. Unfortunately iTunes Radio was very unsuccessful because it only allowed the user to listen to recommended songs by artist name. Many users of the application wanted to be able to play songs at their will but not have to pay a dollar per song to listen to them or have to wish that it would play on their iTunes Radio. Users and many of the major music labels are hoping that Apple will change the ways of iTunes to fit what the consumers want, without overpricing them. The users may soon be getting what they have been wanting because Apple has began steps to better their music program.

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