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Its tough to have a really sick baby: Instead of panicking, try these tips.

Being a new mom can cause anxiety in normal circumstances, but things can get really hot when our babies get sick. Recently, my dauhgter came down with a high fever we took her to the emergency room immediately--and they ruled out serious illness and forced her to down children's tylenol which was 4-5 droppers in her mouth. It seemed traumatic to us, but at least it turned out to be only a virus. All they told us to do was to give medicine to her and check with our doctor. Turns out she had a virus.

Next time that happens we'll make sure to give her the medicine right away before running to the emergency room. It was a costly lesson.

Here's what we could do next time when our baby has symptoms of illness:

1. Check out the internet for a reputable source on those symptoms to see what can be done at home, or to find out if its serious.

2. Look for home remedies and solutions and try those first.

3. Try a nurse hotline or online doctor if its after hours at the doctor's office, or it may be possible to call your doctor after hours as well.

2. If it's serious, see if any urgent care's are open first before going to the E.R.

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