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Its that time again - Super Bowl

She is a big fan
She is a big fan
They are our constant companions

Football is on everyone’s mind and the Super Bowl is right there at the top; when we look at each of our neighbors, friends and of course the news we see supporters of our favorite teams. The rivalry is at the highest point of the year. We all know this, however where do our four-footed friends fit in. Well here is a clue.

We can get pet clothing and costumes at the local PetSmart ( We know they want to be right in there rooting for our favorite team. And of course the Tailgating would not be the same without our best friend. However, what do you do with them while the game is being played? If we are home (couldn’t get tickets) this is not a problem. However, if we did manage to score the tickets, it is a sure bet we can’t afford a kennel for them. This of course does not shine a light on how much we care for them; it simply is a sign of the financial times.

Here is a thought, if we have a great TV viewing room in our house, why not ask a friend (who couldn’t get those tickets) to come over and watch the game in exchange for watching our friend. Or we could (if possible after paying for those tickets) pay for the friend watching our pet to go to one of those sports bars to watch the game. Or and here is a new idea right out of this century; if we have a family member living in one of those nice retirement villas or assisted livings, we can send our friend over to watch with the family member. (Have you seen those, the screens are state of the art and the kitchen is always fixing great food.) And here is the other part of the idea right out of this century; what about asking the family member living in the retirement or assisted living establishment to watch the pet. Then find a way to take our two legged friend with us.