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Its that season - you know the one Fleas

Its flea time again! And one of the biggest concerns is what do you use and how do you use it. There is the one or two drops stuff and there are the shampoos, there is the spread it in the yard stuff but what will really work?

If this is the first season for those with new dogs, go to your vet and talk with them. It is always a little tricky with a new pet, even when we have been a pet owner for many years, does the methods used on our last friend work on this one. Only your vet can tell you and make suggestions. And what do we do when one of these little guys goes out but the other two stay in? We sure don't want fleas inside.

Do some research, say on the internet and talk to friends, but let the defining word be your vet. Once things are tried and true, many times you will be able to obtain the medication either through the vet (at a handsome discount) or through another source. Just be sure your vet is aware of the product you are using. Pets just like us have allergies’ and if there is a problem, we want someone who knows right away what to do.

If you are going to use one of the outside spread in the yard kinds; be sure you read the directions very carefully to determine that the concentration is alright to use around other pets and children. We don't want to find we have used a treatment with a potential hazard for our or the neighbors child. And last, be sure to watch your pet for a couple of days to be sure there is no side-effect (and this applies no matter how many times we have used the product.

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