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ITOPF Chooses Soutron Global

Soutron Global announced yesterday, “The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation has selected Soutron as its Library and Knowledge Management System of choice.” Established in 1968 in the wake of the shipwreck of the oil tanker S.S. Torrey Canyon off the coast of Cornwall, I.T.O.P.F. provides a wide range of technical services, most importantly in the response to spills of oils and chemicals at sea. The I.T.O.P.F. library houses an extensive collection of books, reports, conference papers and technical articles on oil pollution, clean-up techniques, and related topics.

Soutron Global stated, “Soutron is delighted to be able to help to provide the primary source of information for ITOPF’s technical staff as well as students and visitors to the library.”

“ITOPF’s current library database is past its prime and no longer fit for purpose in a digital age,” states Information Officer Deborah McKendrick. “We are confident that Soutron can provide us with a modern, flexible system, incorporating all types of media, and easily accessible to our staff who are often scattered across the world.”

“We could see how web-based technologies would free librarians and knowledge managers from the tyrannies of shrinking budgets, inflexible IT support and unwieldy legacy programs and would liberate library users from the restrictions of physical location and opening hours,” said Graham Beastall, Soutron’s Managing Director. “ITOPF’s team of technical staff are in constant readiness to respond to ship-source spills anywhere in the world. With our completely web-based system these staff are able to access potentially crucial information, irrespective of where they are on the globe.”

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