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Items to add to your child's craft box today

Make simple crafts with younger children

Doing craft activities with children can fill time during the dreary days that might otherwise be a source of boredom. While it is sometimes possible to plan ahead for these times and buy special supplies, that isn't always possible. With a few items added to basic supplies, you can have a craft kit that is ready to pull out in just a few minutes.

Some of the basic craft items to include with these are construction paper, glue, scissors, and crayons. When you gather these items together, you can put them in a plastic container to keep the items safe and secure until you are ready to use them with your child.

Glitter and Gems

Glitter and gems are excellent items to have in your arts and crafts kit. Your child will enjoy using the glitter to accent everything you make during craft time. Gems are great to add a little bling to the project.

Google Eyes

Google eyes, like the ones in the picture, are great if your child likes to make animals, people, or other characters. A little glue on the back of the eyes helps them to hold on.

Finger Paints

Finger paints aren't on the top of the favorite list for some parents, but they do almost certainly guarantee that you will hear squeals of laughter from your child as they do a project. Find washable finger paints if you are concerned about staining.

Large Disposable Tablecloth

A large disposable tablecloth is a must in your arts and crafts box if you want to keep messes to a minimum. Put this on the floor and either let your child do the craft right on it or put the craft table over it. Paint, glitter, and other items can be rolled up and thrown into the trash when craft time is over.

On those dreary days when it is too wet or cold to go play outside, you can snuggle up beside your child and come up with some fun crafts based on your child's current interests. From making shakers to welcome signs, you and your child can enjoy some quality time together.

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