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Italy's Mystery Mountains is a DVD as tasty as a nice bowl of Pasta e Fagioli

Dolomite Mountains
Dolomite Mountains
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As an Eyetalian, I am always on the lookout for great new imports. I plan on heading off to Venice one day before the city sinks . . . but the trip remains as much a mystery as Mona Lisa's smile.
So I turn to PBS Distribution and a most fascinating documentary on DVD entitled Italy's Mystery Mountains. We all know that Italia is so famous for its fabulous art, fantastic food, passionate opera and, of course, la dolce vita, but this film explores the fascinating geologic story of Italy. What's riveting is what’s less known about Italy is the diversity and turbulence of the geology behind this abundance: the continuously erupting volcanoes, the violent earthquakes, the clash of mighty tectonic plates and the rising of the mountains that produced Michelangelo’s famous marble.
Tying the country’s rich artistic culture to its turbulent geologic story, Italy's Mystery Mountains follows two international teams of scientists determined to resolve a hotly debated issue: Are the northern Apennines still alive and growing? With the answer to this question, the fascinating story of the Italian peninsula will fall into place and geologists may better understand where future earthquakes might strike this highly unstable land.
Before watching the show, we'll have a bowl of Pasta e Fagioli, then a heaping portion of our famous Rigatoni Diavalo, with a side of and a Chicken & Bacon Insalata .
Bon appétit in ways more than one.

Italy's Mystery Mountaains will be available on DVD August 5, 2014. The documentary has a run time of approximately 56 minutes and the DVD SRP is $24.99. This program will also be available for digital download.

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