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Italian Villa at The Good Table

Italian Villa at The Good Table
Italian Villa at The Good Table

A great place to go for Sunday brunch is The Good Table, located at 527 Ocean House Road in Cape Elizabeth. You can stay true to your Italian food yearnings by ordering The Italian Villa. This is sort of a cross between an omelet and scramble. The eggs are combined with chopped Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and basil leaves. Don't worry, they don't forget the cheese! The parmesan cheese is sprinkled quite liberally throughout and on top of the scramble.

The dish is served with a wedge of focaccia bread, however you can get yours with an English muffin or toast if you prefer. And while they didn't forget the cheese in the eggs, be careful that they don't forget the home fries on your plate. On a recent Sunday morning visit, they did just that, which unfortunately wasn't noticed until it was too late to get them (read: on the way home).

The Italian Villa costs $8 as of this writing. If you bring your Greek friend, they can order the Greek Soul Food. Similar to the Villa, this scramble incorporates peppers, tomatoes, and onions into the eggs. The cheese is feta and toast is included. The Greek is priced at $7.

Ice water is elegantly served in a wine carafe and was kept replenished. The service is impeccable. It's definitely worth the trip.