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Italian Nibali Tour de France confident clean but team is notorious for doping

Italian Vincenzo Nibali winner of the 101st Tour de France, also known as “Shark” rode for a team that was known for doping. Nibali had only won two previous cycling races before this one. The 29-year-old Astana rider is hoping he and the rest of the new Italian team will set a “clean” example to future generations.

Current teammate Michele Scarponi was suspended in 2012 for his link to the Armstrong-involved EPO doctor Michele Ferrari Lance Armstrong also rode for Astana for two whole years when cyclist Alberto Contador had the 2010 Tour crown taken from him for doping. “We’re a new generation of non-doping riders. The errors made in the past are history now.” Nibali remained calm during the line of questioning from reporters and he says he understands why.

“It belongs in the past even though there were a few isolated cases. There will always be imbeciles. I can’t be spokesman for the whole peloton but there’s a strong desire to improve and to do more to combat doping.

Chris Foome Team Sky 2013 Tour de France winner fielded doping questions during interviews The questions will be there for years to come. The UCI worked double time to make sure drug cheating would not go on in the sport of cycling by instilling a rigorous testing program. Everyone wants a clean endurance race.

“I didn’t ever give it my all through the race. I didn’t need to. “ The pressure was on from the start. “I believed in my chances and each stage of the race. We didn’t want excuses we wanted,” boasted Nimbali. The “Man of the Moment” fourth rider ever to win three of the races, Marcel Kittel was the rider everybody was trying to beat.

The last stage of the race is the most daunting, Nibali led the race eighteen days out of twenty-one. The drama of the Tour de France is a race rich in fierce and harrowing history and no rest for the weary.

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