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Italian-inspired M.C. Spiedo and French-inspired Petit Robert Central in Boston

M.C. Spiedo Ristorante & Bar, new to the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel, 606 Congress St., Boston
Charlene Peters

I've recently had the good fortune to happen upon two incredible restaurants in Boston, one newly opened and one established.

Hailing from a past stint at Summer Winter in Burlington and currently at the helm of Arrows in Ogunquit, Maine, Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier have their plates full, opening the elaborately designed and Italian-inspired M.C. Spiedo at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, located at 606 Congress St., Boston.

M.C. Spiedo opened to a private party in full glamour to showcase its upscale, trendy interior design. Basically gutted from what used to be the restaurant called 606 Congress, M.C. Spiedo serves up Italian specialties such as speck, prosciutto and pecorino cheese, and pizza I’ve been told (never got that slice during the opening reception) is absolutely amazing. I did get to taste the hams and cheeses, Prosecco and truffled mac ‘n’ cheese. For the latter, I will definitely go back for more if they ever put it on the menu.

This is a great spot to enjoy drinks and appetizers at the bar as a standalone or before dinner. There’s plenty of sensory pleasures here, and visual and palatable feasts top the list, thanks to chefs Mark and Clark, who know what they’re doing, and if I may speak for all of the Boston area, congratulations and welcome!


Petit Robert Central Bistro is anything but petite. Located on the corner of Archer and Summer streets an escalator ride away, you’ll be amazed at the open space feel from left to right. I headed to the left for a private dining area where lunch was served to a small group, and a presentation with slideshow promoted Aruba’s Marriott. I’m already smitten with this Aruba property, so the Petit Robert Central Bistro experience became my primary focus. And it was tasty. In fact, I was served the best steak frites I’ve ever ordered, and when I say I’ve tried a few elsewhere and wasn’t thrilled, I mean it. After a salad and half the steak, I wasn’t able to enjoy the apple cobbler dessert with caramel, but I’ll bet if I had room, it would have satisfied anyone's sweet craving.

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