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Italian government gets rid of hundreds of luxury cars on eBay

This 2008 Maserati can be yours for the bidding!
This 2008 Maserati can be yours for the bidding!

Hundreds of luxury cars, BMW's, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Maseratis, Jaguars that were owned by the Italian Defense Ministry are being sold off on the wildly popular online auction site, eBay, according to the BBC.

The drive behind the government sale was initiated by a young budget meister, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who reportedly believes that the luxury vehicles are symbolic of decadent wasteful spending. The current government's financial cuts is not Renzi's first attempt at curbing rampant and wasteful government purchases. When Renzi was mayor in the Italian town of Florence, he employed the same current tactics, putting the kibosh on the government's voracious financial appetite.

When the Prime Minister assumed his role, he tweeted, "Why should an undersecretary have an official car? The undersecretary should go by foot," the BBC reports.

The eBay auction of the highly coveted vehicles will end on April 16. As soon as the first go-round of vehicles hit the site, offers for them reportedly began pouring in at lightning speed.

Thus far, 151 luxury vehicles have been posted on the auction site but 1,500 cars will be sold off in total.

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