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Italian cuisine at Prato in Winter Park kicks off Orlando Food Tours experience

See the inside of Prato and the delicious pizza they serve.
See the inside of Prato and the delicious pizza they serve.
Barb Nefer

I'm originally from Chicago, so a love of good pizza is in my blood. Thus I was very excited that the first stop on my Orlando Food Tours experience was Prato, a warm and cozy Italian bistro on the Park Avenue strip. Prato locally sources its ingredients, and you can watch them preparing the fresh dough and firing the pizzas in the blazing oven. When you walk in, check out the big Florida map on the wall that shows where they get those fresh ingredients.

The pizza menu is quite extensive, but for the tour we tucked into a tasty variety known as the Widowmaker, which you can see in the accompanying slideshow. According to the menu, it features caciocavallo, romesco, fennel sausage, and a farm egg. Yes, that's right, an egg! It's right in the middle of the pizza, and the yoke is nice and soft, which makes it just right for dipping. As someone who adores getting eggs sunny side up and smooshing my toast into them, it was a perfect addition. Pizza crust works just as nicely as toast.

I'm not always big on fennel, but it really wasn't a predominant taste in the sausage, which had a nice spice that was noticeable but not overwhelming.

This was all washing down with a light Peroni lager. It's a crisp, mild beer that doesn't interfere with the main meal as you focus on all the fresh flavors delighting your palate.

Prato was a nice spot to kick things off as we headed out onto the next leg of the tour, which totally changed things up. To read about all of the stops in depth, use the links below: