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It was small town fun at Burbank on Parade 2014

A futuristic rider kicks off Burbank on Parade 2014.
A futuristic rider kicks off Burbank on Parade 2014.
Pop Culture Passionistas

Beautiful downtown Burbank has long been the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Until recently, the city housed “The Tonight Show” and NBC’s West Coast headquarters for decades. And the star-studded Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios call the place home.

The parade gets underway.
Pop Culture Passionistas

So it’s easy to forget that the city with the international reputation is really just a small town like any other. No place is that more evident than at the annual Burbank on Parade event that unfolds each year along a short section of Olive Boulevard.

This year’s theme “City of Future” inspired a few George Jetson look-a-likes and a spaceman or two. But true to local fashion a whole lot of cowboys showed up, too. They were joined by the requisite number of high school marching bands, waving politicians and dancers — of the circle skirt, Irish step and ballerina varieties.

Even a few celebrities stopped by including Masiela Lusha from “The George Lopez Show,” KCET anchor and reporter Val Zavala, Bob’s Big Boy and Ronald McDonald. But only the most naïve parade watchers were fooled by “David Hasselhoff’s” appearance in a KITT look-a-like car.

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