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It was inevitable that the debt debate eventually mention amnesty

The Coming Amnesty Debate
The Coming Amnesty Debate
After Amnesty

Congressman Jared Polis, D-CO has a plan for reducing deficit spending, and it includes amnesty for illegal aliens. It seems that Polis believes that all the illegal alien workers in our country should pay income taxes and if they do that would help reduce the deficit spending that Washington, DC is addicted to.

Polis opined on FOX News recently how millions of illegal alien workers should be given legal status so they can pay taxes. Polis wasn’t just talking bunkum. But he wasn’t talking about real tax revenues, either.

7 - 8 million illegal aliens are working on the books right now in America and are paying withholding taxes and social security taxes. How do we know?

Remember the “no-match letters” that SSA and DHS wanted to mail out to employers in 2007? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others successfully sued the federal government to prevent these advisory letters from being mailed to approximately 400,000 employers to inform them that the names and numbers of their employees didn’t match.

At that time, before the financial calamity of 2008, over 8 million no-matches were known. Most of these no-matches were illegal aliens using stolen or made up Social Security numbers. If you knock about 10% off that 8 million number (presuming that the illegal alien unemployment rate matches the nation’s) there are still over 7 million illegals working in America and, word to Congressman Polis, they're already paying payroll taxes. (And, as an aside, the federal government knows where these illegal aliens are working right now and they get an updated list from employers every pay day.)

And, of course, there are millions more working and being paid cash under the table (that number can only be guessed at).

Here’s the deal. Congressman Polis is lying. Low income workers pay no income taxes in America today.

The lower 46% of wage earners in the country pay no income tax at all.

Amnesty of illegal aliens, most if not all of them low income wage earners, wouldn’t add a dime to the Treasury coffers, but would actually cost the taxpayer money as many of these newly amnestied workers would qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Click here to find out who qualifies.

And Polis wasn’t only talking about an amnesty for illegal alien workers. Does anyone seriously believe that he wouldn’t also push for the amnesty of wives, children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins…anyone and everyone remotely related to, or claiming to be related to, the worker in question?

So, why does Congressman Polis include amnesty in his list of proposals to deal with the debt?

Polis is one of the worst pro-amnesty Anti-American congressmen in Washington and he wants an amnesty. His blather is a good example of what we’re in for in the coming months.

There is going to be a lot of amnesty talk, from every quarter, as politicians prepare the battlefield for a coming amnesty. See “An Amnesty in 2 Acts…”

President Obama spoke to the racists of La Raza last week, chatting up the amnesty. Congressman Luis Gutierrez was arrested in front of the White House the same day, demonstrating for an amnesty. There is no conflict here, this is orchestrated.

Expect discussion of an amnesty, the dream act, a path to legalization—all the euphemisms for amnesty--to become part of the background noise coming out of the Beltway in the coming months. And expect the talk to get louder.

Part of the discussion will be to desensitize citizens to the amnesty issue, the other to make an amnesty seem like an inevitability.

So, Tea Party patriots keep your powder dry. This debt debate will be over soon, temporarily at least. And then we will need that energy and love of country to defeat the coming illegal alien amnesty.

The Tea Party movement is presently the most powerful in the country. Without their patriotic input the political landscape would be much worse than it is now. And, we would already have an enormous debt ceiling increase and a massive, economy killing, tax hike to boot.

There is much to do before November of 2012.

Killing the coming illegal alien amnesty is the next important battle.

And this battle is as important to the future of our country as the national debt.

Rick Oltman is the founder of The Immigration Tea Party


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.-- Winston Churchill


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