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It was bound to happen: Avatar review

The Na'Vi
The Na'Vi

When walking into the theatre to watch Avatar I'm not gonna lie, I had pretty high expectations for the film (something I really try to refrain from). Maybe it was all the hype, the positive feedback from friends, the $16 I had to pay for the IMAX experience, or just the fact that James Cameron really hasn't made anything short of amazing in the past 25 years. Whatever the case may be let me be the first to say that Avatar did not fall short of my expectations like so many films do. James Cameron is one man who definitely knows how to spend $300 million wisely; maybe he could do us all a favor and give Michael Bay a few pointers.

So I'm sure that the majority of people reading this (hopefully more than 10) have seen Avatar already (it's been out for nearly a month now, excuse the lateness of my review). And I'm sure that 99.9% of those people are in agreement of how great of a film it really is. Like the people and creatures in Avatar, we are all connected... aww the circle of life.

So, the plot:
Set nearly 150 years in the future mankind has inevitably used the majority of Earth's resources. Low and behold however after discovering Pandora- a distant moon thriving with life and mineral rich substances, mankind feels the urge for a good ol' rainforest demolition of their assets. Sounds easy enough right? Well here's the kicker- the Na'Vi (the 10 foot tall celestial creatures of Pandora) won't give it up without a fight. With their will to protect their homeland and the help of people from the Avatar program (humans genetically downloaded and linked with the bodies of the Na’Vi in hopes for a diplomatic understanding) the Na'Vi find themselves in a battle to protect their territory from the “moon people” - that being us.

I could ramble on and on discussing the cinematography of the movie, the acting, the story, the script, but really why? My rhetoric would be pointless and unworthy, my opinion is void. Watching the film is the only thing that will do it justice. Avatar is not only an extraordinary sight for the eye (especially in 3D) but it's also a total mind and body experience as well, if you want it to be.  It's something everyone needs to experience first hand for them self without some know it all critic telling them why it's good or why it's bad.

You know what's so cool about this movie? It made me wanna be a Na'Vi. Can you remember watching a movie as a kid and having that same feeling? Wanting to be a ninja, a karate kid, a superhero, a goonie? Whatever the case was, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe it was the fascinating effects, or the overwhelming closeness you felt for the Na'Vi, or just how hot I thought Zoe Saldana looked as Neytiri. Whatever it was, Avatar made me feel that same way again. Anything that can make me feel like that is definitely a few steps above awesome in my opinion. I know I'm gonna sound dorky here too, but you really gotta see it in 3D. The 3D aspect adds to the story and isn't just a tacky Hollywood gimmick.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the connection that you felt between the Na'Vi and their world. Everything was connected. They were all one. They were all together. We were the ones who didn’t understand, not the other way around like we thought. There was a definite message being portrayed here and if you didn't pick up on it then that's just a good excuse to go watch it again.

It's unfortunate that a movie of this caliber comes out so rarely, but really how many minds have the ability and money to create something so unique and groundbreaking? Regardless of your feelings for James Cameron, don't let that taint your taste of his films. Sometimes the popular ones are the best choices- all you indie freaks out there need to learn that.

Anyone out there trying to convince you that Avatar wasn't good or that some other film of 2009 was somehow better is a bitter soul. Avatar was hands down the best film of 2009. A splendid mix of; magic, action, peace, love, understanding, science, the future, and an arraignment of interesting creatures all along the way. It's a cinematic mark in film that will never be forgotten.

So all you bloggers and reviewers out there that feel the need to keep comparing Avatar to Dances with Wolves, stop already!  And really why is that a bad thing? Let's at least call it Dances with Wolves meets Starship Troopers- both of which were great for what they were. All the "real" critics out there will probably slice and dice little inane subplots from Avatar and compare them to Dances with Wolves and other influences James Cameron used for this masterpiece, but psssht... let them.


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