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It was bound to happen…again

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The Michael Brown murder on Saturday Aug. 9 by police set off rioting and violence that escalated for a number of days in the mostly black suburban town of Ferguson, MO. The release of the policeman’s name, Darren Wilson, was finally given. The FBI is involved in the case and Wilson is on paid administrative leave. The National Guard has finally left under the order of Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO). The spectrum of witnesses, protests and a city under siege, now calmer, has been exposed.

In the last two weeks during Michael’s passing an onslaught of news was vivid before the nation. On the MSNBC program “The Ed Show” author/radio host and sociology professor at Georgetown University Michael Eric Dyson hosted a show about the Brown killing. During his conversation with Lehigh University professor Dr. James Peterson and President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed, the dialogue was interrupted by Attorney Benjamin Crump’s news conference; with Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden and Michael’s grandfather Les McSpadden. Crump was also the attorney who represented Trayvon Martin’s parents last year. Earlier that day Michael Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr. appeared with the mother. The family wanted the violence and looting to stop because they stated their son was not that way. Grieved by the killing, the parents were preparing for Michael to attend college but instead were making funeral arrangements.

Then there was the video of Michael going into a store in what the media called a “robbery” and shoplifted cigars in the store; while pushing the owner aside. Brown was a big guy; to many he could have resembled an athlete or to others he may have caused fear. This led to a scramble as to whether a police call came in about the items taken by Brown or was Brown and his friend walking in the middle of the street the reason he was shot.

But today the 18-year-old was honored at his funeral by family, friends, celebrities, White House officials and others. What are the lessons learned this time from this scenario?

Today also continues the negativity of Michael Brown, in which the New York Times recently revealed in an article Brown “grappled with problems” and perhaps had lingering mental issues.

This situation is seen over and over again in the media especially where blacks are concerned – in particular black men – in trying to find some negative element about them to substantiate the act of why they are killed.

So don’t be surprised that Darren Wilson, the white policeman with supporters who have raised almost $300,000 in his behalf, will get off with the killing.

The parents of Michael Brown, like so many others, have lost another black child. My condolences to all of you.