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It was a wonderful TimeGate: May 23-25, 2014

It was a delightful weekend as TimeGate returned to Atlanta May 23-25.

Even alien creatures need lunch.TimeGate 2014
Takesi Akamatsu
The Masquerade at TimeGate 2014
Takesi Akamatsu

Dr. Who and Stargate fans mingled happily with special guests like handsome and funny Gareth David-Lloyd from Torchwood and the upcoming Enoch the Traveler, Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International (who is also a huge Dr. Who fan and works out of a workshop that looks like a Tardis,) and more.

Paul McGillion, who played Dr. Beckett on StarGate was a guest, and so was Terence Dicks, who was script editor and wrote many of the scripts for Dr. Who, especially during the Troughton, Pertwee and the beginning of the Tom Baker years. He also wrote many of the novelizations and has authored over 70 books. Robert Allsop, who has built many props for Dr. Who, especially for the newer doctors, actually brought some props to show us, including a breatplate from Rory's armor that had some women in the audience sighing.

Many returning favorites were at the convention, making it sometimes seem like a family reunion in which all the family members really are glad to see each other. One of my favorite authors, Jana Oliver, was there. Jana is an expert on Victorian England due to her Time Rovers books, and she also has a series set in Atlanta in the near future, in which the city is under attack by demons.

The Ken Spivey Band was back to provide musical entertainment, with a new band lineup that now includes two beautiful and talented young women as well as Ken and his father.

Other returning guests included pulp and sci fi author Bobby Nash, author Debbie Viguie and her husband Scott, former BBC writer and producer Louis Robinson, who is also a very talented singer/songwriter, authors Lee Martindale and Kathryn Sullivan, and Professor Satyre, also known as Mike Langford. And we mustn't forget Lt. Moxie Magnus, "chief cosmetologist for the Starship Enterprise!"

The thing that makes TimeGate such a joy is the camaraderie among the guests and the audience. Everyone is there for the love of science fiction, especially Dr. Who and StarGate, and everyone is there to share that love and have a good time. It's a relaxed, fun and always delightful way to spend Memorial Day weekend and this year was no exception.

We're already planning to be there next year. You should be, too!

In the meantime, check out the slideshow to see what this year was like.

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