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It took me four days just to think of something to say: Scott Pilgrim teaser trailer


Future Best Use of Onomatopoeia in a Motion Picture Oscar Winner


And it really isn't anything substantial. All I can say is that this teaser is kind of the best thing ever. Would you like to see what a minute and a half of pure joy looks and sounds like?

The release date of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is still a painful five months away. Should you have not had the pleasure yet, you really should immediately watch the amazing 90-second teaser trailer below that was released into the wild late last week. Or you can go to AppleCo to get a high quality version. The choice is yours.

Really great, right? The movie is based on the popular Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels from Bryan Lee O'Malley's music and video game-obsessed brain and published by Oni Press. Even if you're too much of a lazy plebeian to pick up or be interested in the books, perhaps the involvement of Spaced/Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz mastermind Edgar Wright as director and cowriter will have you interested. No? Well then there is no pleasing you.


  • Dirigible 5 years ago

    A "sword" fight between Cera and Schwartzman...Could it get anymore awkward?? In a good way.

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