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It Takes Two to Talk in Columbus: Helping your child find their voice

It Takes Two to Talk: Helping kids in Columbus to find their voice
It Takes Two to Talk: Helping kids in Columbus to find their voice

It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT) is an evidence-based program for parents of children with language delays. The program’s philosophy is that because parents are the most important people in a child’s life, they are the best people to help the child learn to communicate.

The ITTT program includes two separate, two-hour parent education sessions, and two separate, thirty-minute parent-child coaching sessions.

The parent education sessions are adult-learner friendly, lively, and include video clips demonstrating parents using the strategies, a workbook, and open discussion.

Parent education learning objectives include:

Session #1: Let your child lead

• How and why your child communicates
• Your child’s state of communication
• Forms of communication: going beyond words
• Two components of communication: Interaction and Information
• How to let your child lead: Observing, Waiting, and Listening (OWL)

Session #2: Follow your child’s lead and taking turns

• How to follow your child’s lead
• How to imitate, interpret and comment
• How to support your child in an interaction
• Tying the right questions to your child’s state of communication
• Complete “To-do-at-home” plans

Laura Middleton and Lora McConnell, both SLP’s at CSHC, are certified Hanen instructors for ITTT. According to Lora McConnell, “Parents practice strategies with their child at home, in natural everyday events. Then these are reinforced/clarified during the individual coaching session with parent and child.”

The program offers an individualized and personalized approach to meet the needs of each particular child and family. CSHC offers other Hanen programs including More Than Words (MTW), geared toward parents of children on the Autism spectrum.

For more information go to:

It Takes Two to Talk: Program overview

It Takes Two to Talk: What the research says

Or, contact Minda Bickley, Assistant Director of Speech Programs at CSHC

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