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It takes a special fabric to prepare for hurricane season

A company says it has come up with a new fabric that makes preparing for hurricanes safer and easier.

Hurricane Fabric recently issued tips to be better prepared for hurricane season and other natural disasters. Everyone wants to save time, money and heartache when disaster strikes, and these tips might help.

1. Check your insurance coverage, make sure all policies are up to date on the current state of your home. Check to see if it will properly prepare for potential disasters in the particular area you are in. For example, you may want additional flood coverage in an area where water damage might occur, or mudslide coverage in a mudslide prone area.

2. Do an inventory on all the property in your home. Double check to make sure that you are including all items of value. To do this, you can survey the house using a camera or other home inventory tool. Keep receipts for all valuable items, scan and back them up on a hard drive for safe measure. Consider additional insurance coverage for valuable items.

3. Prepare and keep an emergency supply kit stocked with basic necessities and first aid items. You will want 2 weeks worth of food and supplies for every member of your family, including pets. If you have to evacuate, you want to prepare an additional 3 day supply kit for every member of the family, compact and separate so you can take it on the road.

4. Establish an evacuation route for worst case scenarios. If you do not have a car, make outside arrangements that can accommodate for everybody in your family, including pets. In case your family gets separated, establish an out of state contact or family member for a meeting place. They should be located at least 50 miles inland.

5. Most importantly, be calm in the moment when case disaster strikes. Be rational, don’t re enter a home in a danger zone when you have been instructed to evacuate to bring material possessions. Things can be replaced, life is irreplaceable.

Hurricane Fabric is a maker of strong fabric marketed for disaster relief.

Whatever you do, stay safe this hurricane season.

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