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'It Takes A Church' premiered on GSN: Congregation chose mate for a single girl

A very unique reality show debuted on the Game Show Network (GSN) on Thursday where church members competed to find a date for one unsuspecting single. Gospel singer Natalie Grant is the host of the show. She believes there are unhappy singles in the church setting and the church can be instrumental in helping singles find a man.

"It Takes A Church" debuts on GSN

This new matchmaking series will visit a different church each week for a total of eight churches to examine what happens when churchgoers pull their resources together to help find an unsuspecting single a perfect mate.

According to the GSN website, each week "It Takes A Church" will visit a congregation from across the country to surprise one unsuspecting single to be a contestant. Matchmakers in the church nominate their choice to enter the competition. The church's pastor plays a significant part in the selection process by interviewing those selected. However, in the end it is the single person who decides which suitor to select.

"It Takes A Church" has some rules similar to "The Bachelorette" when contestants are narrowed down to the final two. Then the single person has a one-on-one date with those two suitors. However, there are no rose ceremonies, no fantasy suites, no expected proposal at the end. Even when the couple is set up, it is up to the two people whether they will take the next steps.

The matchmaker's whose suitor is chosen will have a $10,000 donation made to the church in his or her name. The contestants who are not selected are given a membership into the online Christian site, Christian Mingle who has partnered with the show.

According to New York Times, the first episode of "It Takes A Church" took place at the Rock Worship Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, where 30-year-old Angela says, “I can’t find a man.” Matchmakers in the church introduced their choice for Angela even though she didn't have a say in the selection until it is came down to the last two. It’s the congregation and the pastor who decided the elimination. In the end, Angela did pick Nick, a motivational speaker who says he was celibate, asked blessings over their meals, and showed good communication skills during an obstacle course exercise to determine trust.

The first episode received a good rating for GSN. This writer has only one question. If that many eligible bachelors were already in the congregation, why didn't Angela know them before they were introduced by the matchmakers. She appeared to have not known any of them before the show which included a dentist and other handsome and eligible bachelors.

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